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GPS Tracking Devices: The 10 Best Uses

GPS tracking systems consist of a tracking device and an interface device. The tracking device is installed in the vehicle and the user interface is loaded on a phone, a PC,tablet.. so that the user can track the vehicle, and check its exact location.

GPS tracking devices provide the information with the help of geostationary positioning satellites that are able to detect the speed, location and direction of the vehicle. The durability and features of the tracking device depend on the brand, quality and price of the device. Most of the GPS trackers provide real-time information with no possible delays, but cheap and low-quality GPS trackers may not be able to provide the user such features.

Here are the best uses of GPS trackers:

For Business
  • GPS tracking systems can be used to manage the delivery network of your business
  • You can track your drivers and their location to ensure that they are only working in their working hours
  • You can be assured of the safety of your employees as they might have to go to places that can be potentially insecure
  • You can keep track of your consignments and ensure they reach the customer in time
  • You can monitor fuel consumption, and speed limit 
For Family
  • You can be assured of the safety of your kids, as you will know their current location and the time they are spending at a particular place. All you need to do is put a GPS tracker in their bags
  • If youngsters have gone out with your car and you want to keep track of their driving speed and location, a GPS tracker is the best option you have
  • You can also track the elderly members of your family so that their safety should not be at risk
  • If your vehicle is stolen and you have a hidden GPS tracker device in your vehicle, then it might be of superb use as it can tell you not only the location of the car but also help the police to catch the thief 
For Other Matters
  • Some GPS devices come with a tracking history feature, and that can be useful when you want to know the previous location history of your kids or employees
  • GPS trackers can also be used as material evidence in some legal matters 

Tramigo GPS tracking devices are known in the industry for their reliability and features. Tramigo GPS trackers can be easily interfaced with your PC or smartphone. Plus they have other neat features like tracking history update, real-time location tracking, vehicle speed tracking and many more. Choose the right Tramigo device to make your life easy and free from worries.

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Safeguard Your Car: 3M Car Tint, Protection, and Repairs

3M started out as a mining company in 1907, but when the mine failed to produce the right mineral, they turned to innovation. Over the next several decades, they brought us waterproof sandpaper, masking tape, cellophane scotch tape, the Post-it note, and a number of other revolutionary products. Today, they have over 60,000 different products in almost every imaginable category for domestic and industrial use. Their range of products for cars is particularly well-known and includes the famous 3M car tints.

3M Car Tints is actually a collection of several families of window and paint protection films. All of the films incorporate some form of advanced technology and are non-metalized, meaning that they do not block radio, GPS, or cell-phone signals. Some of their features and characteristics are briefly outlined here.

•Crystalline Series: These films can provide heat and UV without changing the look of your vehicle. This film blocks up to 99% of the UV radiation in sunlight as well. Up to 97% of the heat in sunlight is rejected making it an excellent choice for a cool and comfortable interior. The wide range of tints makes it suitable for any state regardless of local laws.

•Premium Series: Like the crystalline series, they provide superior UV protection. However, they block a lower amount of energy and heat. They also provide higher glare protection. They are called the premium series because of the opulent look it gives a car and are much cheaper than other automotive films that provide similar protection.

•Ceramic Series: The special ceramic technology provides 805 heat rejection, the ceramic films are corrosion and scratch resistant as well.

•HP Series: High performance meets high style; The HP series offers outstanding heat rejection performance with sleek charcoal finish.

•Color Stable Series: These are special nano-carbon treated films that do not fade with time. In addition to the UV, heat, and glare protection, they also provide high privacy.

•Black Chrome Series: As the name suggests, these films give car windows a dark, reflective, chrome coating. They are useful in places where sunlight is harsh and long. They also give your car the ultimate cool look.

•Scotchshield Security Series: The pinnacle of security films, these also have strong anti-shatter properties, which bolster the window panes’ own. They also provide privacy and other protections.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

3 Essential Facts That People Should Know About 3m Car Tint

When you are buying or upgrading your car, a lot of new parts are added to give it a sleek look and keep it look clean, fresh and scratch proof for longer. One of the most important things added for the same safety reasons are 3m car tints.

Getting your car to get all the benefits of window tinting on a nearly transparent foil might sound impossible, but that is exactly what 3m car tints achieve. Getting the right tint is easy but 3m car tints have proven to be better than many others in the business.

Here are three things you absolutely must know about 3m car tints:

•    Heat protection: While it is a common misconception that heavily tinted windows are better at keeping the heat and harmful UV rays at bay, 3m car tints have single-handedly proven that this is not the case. With a varied number of tints, ranging from dark to transparent, 3m car tints effectively stop heat as well as the UV rays, saving you from potentially harmful diseases.

•    Shatter-proof: While 3m car tints are not exactly bulletproof or earthquake proof, they are decidedly shatter proof. This makes it safer than having no car tint at all as it saves you from debris and shards of glass flying around in case of an accident or a collision. This makes it trustworthy as flying glass can do a lot more damage than you might have imagined.

•    Scratch-resistant: Along with a good warranty period, you can easily get your windows to look good as new for longer, thanks to the scratch-resistant properties of 3m car tints. With an extra thin layer of protection, it saves to keep your glasses scratch free and cleaner for a lot longer than you can anticipate.

3m car tints come with a lot of advantages that can make you convert to a transparent window film. However, keep your budget in mind before choosing the right car film as some might be a little too extravagant. You can get all your needed advantages with a simple window tint!

Getting Best Deals on Car Horns Online in Philippines

Car manufacturers in the Philippines sometimes install low-quality car horns to save on the overall cost of the vehicle. The owners generally have to get new horns installed when these horns start malfunctioning or do not prove effective in the chaotic traffic. However, choosing the right horn is not easy. Here are some details that you need to know before you buy car horns in the Philippines:

Know the type of horn you need: Horns fall under specific categories that serve different purposes. In general, you can find a wide variety of horns ranging from simple air horns to extremely loud horns for heavy vehicles. The horns operate on different mediums like electric horns, high-pressure horns, direct air horns, etc. Asking around or looking up on the web will give you enough information on the type of horn you need for your car.

Choosing the right sound: Different vehicles have different car horn frequencies assigned to them under government regulations. This is done to make pedestrians respond accordingly and make overall traffic safe. Generally, light motor vehicles have high pitch and lower frequency horns and heavy motor vehicles have lower pitched but high frequency horns. Most car horns are actually a pair of horns that release two notes simultaneously. The two frequencies are usually 500Hz for one and 405-420Hz for the other. Two wheelers like scooters or motorbikes generally have horns with lower frequency to distinguish them from four wheeler horns. Heavy motor vehicles have horns of a much higher frequency.

Horns should be compatible with your car model: It is important to read the specifications of the car horn before purchasing it. You need to check that the model is compatible with your vehicle. Nowadays, horns can be programmed to make musical sounds. But such horns do not help much and may cause more problems than they resolve. Nonetheless, you can add them as an alternative horn to the standard one you buy.

Companies manufacture a wide range of vehicle horns to cater to diverse needs of customers. One can explore the whole range of ecommerce websites that specialize in car accessories. The websites describe the product specifications, features and ways to buy the product in addition to showing images of how it looks. This helps customers to understand the product well.

Buying the product online adds to the customer experience as one has the benefit of cash on delivery in certain cases as well as the ability to send back the product if one is not satisfied with it. Comparing the features of existing models and doorstep delivery of goods purchased are additional benefits that make online shopping the best way to buy the car horn. Moreover, shopping online helps you explore the best deals and offers as most ecommerce sites offer discounts or cash back offers. In addition, looking for horns online has the added perks of convenience and leisure shopping anytime and from anywhere.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Car Security Film: Tint, Protection, and Repairs

Car security films are perfect for people who want to protect their car and passengers inside from the sun’s glare, possible break-ins and any other incidents that may result in the glass shattering.

Here’s how these films provide a three-way protection for your car and its passengers:

Not letting the harmful rays of the sun get inside:
Car security films provide a layer of tint protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. These films can be used in cooler climates where the sun’s glare is not that much as well as in hotter temperatures where the sun can cause a lot of damage. Most companies that make these tints provide them in a variety of options. These include:
•    Dyed films that are transparent from both sides and both people outside and those inside the car can see each other clearly
•    Metallic films that have reflective surfaces and help protect the passengers by reflecting off the sun’s glare. These films do not generally allow people outside to see inside the car though passengers can clearly see outside
•    Hybrid films that are a mix of dyed and metallic alternatives and provide the best of both

Protecting against outside objects and break ins:
Car security films add an extra layer of protection to the windows. Though car windows are designed to withstand any contact with a fast moving object such as baseball, car tint screens also help guard against a certain number of other objects such as small rocks and metal objects that may be used by car thieves to break in. Since, breaking into a car causes a decent amount of noise from the glass shattering, having a car tint adds a second layer of protection as the glass may not break at the first attempt that would have been successful otherwise. Also, with the film in place, the polyester may just hold the glass together and not let it shatter into pieces. This means the thief will have to make an extra effort to break in and the additional time required to do so may just alert the passers-by of such an attempt. They can then call the police.
The film also holds the glass together in case of any accident and people inside stay protected from any possible cuts from the glass shards.

Helping in repairs:
Since the polyester in the film is stuck onto the glass, it generally holds the glass together even when it is shattered. This means that repair jobs are faster as the whole glass comes out at one go. This leads to faster turnaround time for repair jobs.

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How to Find Perfect Car Horns Online

Honking can be a nuisance. More than just the irritation due to their loud noise, it is the quintessential sound of a city, a trite definition of urban lifestyle. Yet, when used responsibly, car horns are life savers.

Most car horns are actually a pair of horns that release two notes simultaneously. The two frequencies are usually 500Hz for one and 405-420Hz for the other. These sounds have gained such universal acceptance that a car horn is identifiable all over the world. Most two-wheeled vehicles like bikes and scooters replace the 500Hz with 340-370Hz, again making them immediately distinguishable from a car horn. Several rules and regulations govern acceptable and street legal vehicle horns.

Horns installed by manufacturers are often of low quality. It is one of the few areas where a manufacturer can cut costs and get away with it. No one in their right mind purchases a vehicle by judging its horn. Yet, when they malfunction or are simply not loud enough to be effective, owners are often forced to buy expensive replacements from manufacturers. However, economical alternatives available from other sources usually outperform OEM models. Many aftermarket and third party manufacturers prefer to sell their car accessories and products online. This lets them cut costs on logistics and offer their full range of products to a consumer without having to physically display them. Such car horns can be easily installed in your car even if you have never opened the hood of your car before. Handy instruction manuals with neat illustrations explain all the steps.

It has been obvious for some time now that most people use their smartphones while walking. They are often oblivious to regular traffic noises when fiddling with their phones. Regular car horns are so common that people consider them background noise and do not pay them any attention. A horn that is loud or operates on a different frequency is the only thing that can make such people look up. Car horns bought online are also loud enough to alert young children who may be too busy playing. This can be useful in the suburbs, near a school, or a playground.

Some car horns available online come with different modes of operation. For instance, they can be set to emit a musical sound. These immediately catch the attention of pedestrians and bystanders. Aside from safety, such horns are also memorable. This can be utilized on special vehicles like food trucks and delivery vans. With careful use and some smart marketing, the sound can be the identity of the business.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Cool Audio Upgrades: Add Style and Class to Your Vehicle

Audio upgrades are a great way to add value to your car and enhance the overall style and class of your ride. From custom woofers to multiple speakers, there are nowadays various options to jazz up your car and turn it into your dream vehicle.

Most car companies provide factory-fitted audio systems in their various models. And though the quality of the audio units increases proportionately with the price of the car or the model variant, most of these systems cannot match what a custom audio system can provide. Unfortunately, putting in a new audio unit does not make much sense if it means taking out the inbuilt unit that has been specially fitted for the car make and model, and replacing it with a completely new unit. Moreover, the owner may not only find the final look of the new unit glaring but also miss the seamless ergonomics of the car’s interiors that would be forever lost with a custom audio unit.

The solution here is to go for audio upgrades. These audio upgrades are the ideal way to avoid all the problems mentioned above and still get the best audio imaginable. These upgrades can work in various ways. For instance, you can add an amplifier to boost the sound output or add coaxials to the rear parcel tray. You can also choose to replace the existing speakers and replace them with better ones. Some of the most cool audio upgrades to add style and class to your vehicle include:

•    Hassle Free Sound Packages: Most of the top of the line car audio manufacturers offer complete audio packages. This includes bass packages, full car system packages and much more.

•    Subwoofers Powered / Passive: The better companies offer a range of subwoofers, boxes and enclosures that help bring a new dimension to your car’s audio quality. Powered or active subwoofers are great for small cars while the passive ones can do justice to what your music system is capable of with the help of an external amplifier.

•    Amplifiers: There are various amplifiers available in the market to boost the sound quality of your audio unit. These amplifiers bring more clarity and bass notes to the music and help you experience your favorite tunes as they ought to be listened to.

Speakers: The better car accessories stores provide various types of speakers – both front and back – that you can add to enjoy excellent sound quality in your car. You can choose the speakers that work for you and give a new meaning to the word ‘cool’

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