Friday, 10 March 2017

Benefits of a Car Dashboard Camera: Current Perspective and Outlook

Dashboard cameras are becoming more common in new and used cars because both private owners and mass transport operators find them to be practical and reassuring. These cameras are known for their long battery life, and most of them record in a continuous loop. There are some cams that can detect incidents that are worthy of being recorded, and helping you save important footage. A cam with good resolution is also able to capture details of plate numbers. You can install both forward and rear-facing cameras in your car to make sure that every incident is captured.

Some major insurance companies already accept dashboard camera footages as evidence for claims. These cameras provide a clear evidence of the incident, and you would not have to rely on accounts from witnesses anymore if you ever encounter a traffic issue. Dashboard cameras will also be able to help you if other drivers make minor offenses. You probably have witnessed dangerous or illegal driving by other drivers, but maybe you thought that reporting it would be too much of a hassle. With the use of dashboard cameras, you can now help track down offenders and prove your claim by just presenting the footage.

Having a dashboard camera would also help you calm down other drivers. Letting them know that you have a recording device would probably make them less aggressive. This camera might also improve your driving habits and make you more aware of potential hazards. It is also a good investment if your teens borrow your car.

In looking for dashboard cameras in Metro Manila, look for a shop that carries a large selection of Car Dash Cams DVR products. Choose a reputable shop that offers quality products and top-class services. Some of the best shops can be found in Makati and Paranaque.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Kenwood Stereo System

There are various Kenwood car stereo systems that you can choose from, and they include car stereos, car speakers, car receivers, CD changers, and car subwoofers. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should get a Kenwood stereo system for your car:

1.    Kenwood car stereo systems are known for top-notch quality.
Kenwood products can be trusted in delivering the superb audio quality that you are looking for. There are many online sellers that carry Kenwood products.  Some of the best shops also have physical stores that you can visit to test the stereo system before you purchasing it.

2.    You can easily get manuals online.
Manuals for Kenwood stereo systems can be easily downloaded from the internet. Since it is a renowned brand, it is also easy to find online help if you do not know the right fit for a system in your car. Be sure to buy your Kenwood Stereo system from a shop that is manned by staff who are knowledgeable about the product. They will be able to give you accurate advice and helpful suggestions.

3.    Kenwood stereo systems are affordable.
Kenwood systems will give you the best value for your money especially if you purchase from reputable dealers. While there are cheaper audio systems, Kenwood strikes the perfect balance when it comes to value. In order to make the most out of your purchase, make sure that you buy a model that has the functions and features that you want.

If you are looking to buy Kenwood stereo systems in Metro Manila, make sure that you buy from authentic retailers that offer quality products and top-class services. Some of best shops that sell Kenwood products can be found in Makati and Paranaque.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Back up cameras- a must have accessory for cars

Rear view cameras are a great aid to drivers, in most situations. They help while weaving in and out of traffic, or while taking evasive measures when traffic from behind advances at uncomfortable speeds.  These specialized cameras located mostly in the rear end of the car with a display in the dashboard help to avoid backup collision. The rear area is accident prone because it is more of a blind zone.  Rear cameras are definitely the best option when vehicles need to tow.

Design – meant to facilitate easy maneuvering
The backup camera is designed in such a way that the image produced is a mirror image. This helps in proper orientation so the driver does not get confused while reversing the car. Most of the cameras used in the rear view are wide angled. This helps in offering good visibility in a wide angle.

Features – aimed at enhancing all round vision
Cars now have LCD displays for GPS systems, therefore it is easy to get a good and clear image on the screen. Some backup cameras have night vision cameras so as to see clearly in dim lit areas. They need not be pre- fixed while manufacturing and can be fixed on the car anytime. Some of them are wired and rest are wireless. Some advanced cameras are linked to mobile devices at times.

Advantages of fitting a back up camera
•    Reversing a car is one of the most daunting tasks for a first time driver, in addition to being a tough call in some situations for all drivers. The rear view camera makes it easier for navigating backwards.
•    Even for seasoned drivers, rear area is prone to collision. A back up camera gives visual confidence and one can reverse easily without risk.
•    Due to technological advances in the production of rear cameras, costs have significantly reduced over the past years. This makes this facility affordable to the common man.
•    In cars that do not come with pre attached cameras, fixing a rear camera is a fairly easy process. It does not require complex modifications to the existing facility.
•    Is a great aid during parking.  More often than not parking becomes a hassle for drivers. Rear view cameras can help gauging the distance in the rear, allowing for easy parking.
•    For cars with a bulky build, rear viewing becomes almost impossible. Rear view cameras give confidence to the drivers and help them maneuver the vehicles easily.

Kenwood Car Stereo – What You Need to Know

Stereos have existed for decades but the face has been changing with the changing technologies. New features are introduced in car stereos by different companies to attract their customers and also to stay on course with the latest developments in the industry.

Purchasing a car stereo these days is a different ball game altogether than what it used to be a few years ago. With the advent of technologies like Bluetooth, GPS-based navigation, mobile phones, wireless connectivity, USB, and CDs, it is getting a little confusing for an average consumer to choose a good car stereo from the wide array of products available in the market.

Kenwood is offering all these features in their various models available in the market. Their stereos are supplied with remote control units making a person sitting on the passenger seats operate the stereo easily using this remote.

A few features of the Kenwood stereos are listed here.

•    WMA (Windows Media Audio) & MP3 Files Playback with ID3 Tag Display
•    CD-R/CD-RW Compatible
•    FM/AM Presets
•    Audio Profile Presets
•    24-bit D/A Converter
•    0-bit Mute
•    Supreme for Compressed Music
•    Bass Boost
•    Wireless Remote Control
•    Bluetooth Hands-Free
•    Digital Clock

No matter what music app you use, whenever you are connected to Bluetooth, you can change the music with the radio face in almost all Kenwood stereos. You can charge the phone by plugging it into a USB cord. You can even use a device to play your music from a smartphone of media player by connecting it to the auxiliary port. Some models of Kenwood stereos support steering wheel controls available in many modern cars. You can pair your mobile phone with a Kenwood stereo automatically after the initial set up. This will let you answer calls and control playback from the stereo or the steering wheel buttons.

The stereo also lets you to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and streams. This opens up new ways to utilize the time you spend driving. Learn a new language, listen to motivational speakers, or hum to your favorite tunes, a Kenwood car stereo is an indispensable entertainment system of your car.

Choose Nothing but the Best Pioneer Car Stereo for Your Car

Car stereos are a great way to enjoy your long and short road trips. Car stereos are compact entertainment devices that do not let the passengers get bored while helping the driver focusing on the road with mild music in the background, at the same time.

Modern car stereos are way more developed and high-tech than the older generation car stereos. Previously car stereos used magnetic tapes and cassettes for entertainment purposes and they were only good for one purpose; listening to music. However, modern stereos use the latest technology and use CDs, DVDs, and flash drives for listening to music and watching videos. They are better in every way compared to their previous versions.

Pioneer is another name that stands for delivering the quality car, home, and commercial entertainment systems. Car owners can swear by their Pioneer stereos for high-quality audio and video performance. Pioneer stereos are state-of-the-art equipment loaded with features such as touch-screen, navigation, USB, and smartphone connectivity.

Now you can easily imagine the freedom and accessibility these high-tech devices provide you. With them, you can locate tourist hotspots and hang out with your friends and family while enjoying your favorite playlist in the car at the same time. It will not only help you to navigate your path but also keep you entertained during your whole trip.

If your friends are getting bored then they can enjoy movies and videos with other connected screens installed at the back of the car seat headrest. Pioneer stereos have the ability to connect to multiple displays and offer entertainment to everyone in the car individually. Their Bluetooth ability ensures a safe ride where you do not have to use your cell phone or play music from the phone’s music playlist while driving.

The amazing big screen of the Pioneer car stereo system has a touch-screen interface that gives you a plush feel while operating. All in all, car owners who want to enjoy the luxury of a quality stereo system while ensuring a trouble-free operation must go for the Pioneer car stereo systems.

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