Friday, 9 February 2018

Find Out Some of the Lesser Known Facts about Parking Sensors

Parking can be difficult, and in some cases, it can be challenging even for seasoned drivers—especially if the area or space is problematic and can cause some blind spots. To prevent accidents, you will need to consider parking sensors that help increase safety while parking. Newer cars come with built-in parking aids, but if you have an older model without one, you can consider buying and getting it fitted into your vehicle. The sensors are mounted on bumpers to detect the distance between the vehicle and the obstacles. They beep, and the sound gradually intensifies the nearer you get to an obstacle. In some cases, the system has a computerised voice that will tell you your distance from an obstacle.

Parking sensors are great accessories to consider if you are upgrading your car's safety features. They can be fitted into just about any vehicle, including SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. Some parking sensors can warn you with a visual image or alarm, too, so you can quickly tell if there is any obstacle behind your vehicle before reversing.

Some parking sensors come with digital graphics to let you know which part of your car is near an object. This way, you can accurately and safely manoeuvre. Certain systems can come with reversing cameras that use a rear-facing camera mounted high and slightly pointed downward to show you obstacles that may not be visible from your side and rear-view mirrors. The images are displayed on the screen on a dashboard.

Parking sensors could help address age-related problems when driving, such as poor vision and difficulty in turning the head. With this technology, older drivers could be safer and avoid accidents while parking or reversing. In 2011, an insurance claims analysis found that rear parking sensors have reduced claims on collision insurance by five percent. Advanced systems that feature newer technologies, like the ‘parking patch’, could help drivers find an available parking spot to save them a lot of time and effort driving around a car park.

Car GPS Navigation System for Travelers Who Love to Get Lost on the Road

It can be frustrating when you are trying to find a place, only to get lost and take a lot of time retracing your path until you arrive at your destination. You can minimise incidents of getting lost when your car has a GPS navigation system. You may have the option to use Wayfinder apps and GPS apps on your smartphone, but a car GPS navigation system can be extra reliable—especially if you want to conserve battery life. In fact, an in-car, dash-mounted navigation system comes with a range of benefits over Wayfinder apps. Here are some of them:

•No need to worry about running out of battery – You do not have to be concerned about recharging car GPS navigation system. When you stop using your smartphone for wayfinding, you could save battery and have more use for your device to take photos, play music, and get in touch with people.

•Better signal acquisition – Smartphone GPS systems can malfunction or stop working due to weak signals or absence of a signal from the cellular tower, as they reliant on internet access or mobile data. High-end dash-mounted car GPS navigation systems use satellite connections, so they should keep working even in areas that have no cellular reception. This can be handy if you are driving off-the-road or in rural areas.

•Get more information out of your driving – Some car GPS navigation systems come with special features that can tell you about your actual speed, the number of kilometres to go, the time remaining in your travel, and other kinds of information that matter. There are dash-mounted systems that are compatible with the backup camera, too, so you can hook them up to your reversing system or parking aid.

•Safety – Law enforcement discourages using handheld devices while driving. You could get a ticket and pay fines if you get caught. With a car GPS navigation, you do not have to worry about getting pulled over by the cops.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Never miss an evidence, Tape it with a Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dashcam

Cameras on the dashboard are becoming more popular with the drivers today. One of the reasons is this being a perfect way to collect evidence required by the insurance companies in case of any untoward happenings.

The Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dashcam comes with the complete HD imagining sensor for a clear 1080p recording of any incidents or events occurring during the drive. Be it the scenic road, or the near-miss accident that was the fault of a reckless driver, everything will be captured, including the number plate, to ensure you have the proof of it.

Other features include an option of charging the battery to the full, to run it without the car power. With a complete charge, the Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dashcam can run for nearly 30 minutes, as against the 30 seconds without the charge. Several other excellent features, such as the built-in GPS to record the time, date and place, the camera works as an excellent solution to tap everything that is happening around us. The 16 GB memory card stacks up each and every minute detail that can be of use, at a later date. And, one can always delete the stored data to make fresh recordings all over again.

Incidents are unpredictable and can occur anytime. Having a camera on the go can help recording the incident, along with the road conditions, the driver nameplate, and several other smaller aspects that come in handy while raising an insurance claim. The compact and trendy Drive Pro 220 Dashcam can make life easier all around, whether we are traveling to work on congested city roads or entering a highway on our way to a splendid holiday.

Since every second of the drive is recorded (whenever the camera detects a movement nearby, while driving), it can act as an evidence or a clue, to reckless driving, or a damage to the car. 

Soup up with the top quality & powerful Kenwood car DVD systems

Keeping up with our mobile phones, the cars have become smarter and quirkier! Now the DVD systems on the vehicle can communicate excellently with the mobile phones, and let you talk to them without much ado.  The Bluetooth connectivity, car play and Android Auto options on the phone, it's much easier now to talk or listen to music stored on the mobiles, with the new age car DVD systems. The Kenwood car DVD systems are one such excellent new age gadget that gives a creative edge to the existing ones.

Kenwood car DVD systems come with some excellent and unique features that make it more attractive for the drivers. For instance, it comes with a bigger display for an aesthetically promising look. The 6.2 – 7-inch touchscreen display projects an LCD screen for better quality and looks. For any DVD system, display adds on to its attraction, since the driver can read the track that is playing, or pick out the songs when connected to the mobile, through blue tooth. Display adds on to the aesthetics of the system too.

Another feature that makes Kenwood car DVDs are the voice controlling options for the smartphone, and Siri eyes free. The Kenwood systems come with SiriusXM ready features and hands-free talking options, which can be a boon while driving on a tricky road.  With built-in navigation and multiple channel options, these modern DVD systems work well for the new generation of vehicle users. The added attractions such as USB and AUX ports, voice dialing options, and good power output as well as sound equalizers, these new age DVD systems has everything that one requires on a long drive. Kenwood has come up with several options, in different price ranges, to fit into everyone's budget.  

Monday, 8 January 2018


These days driving is a skill that pretty much everyone must master. Whether for general commutation or long-distance trips, people use their cars quite extensively, which often makes driving a mundane and boring task. Music is one of the means you may use to add a touch of pleasure and excitement to an otherwise dull and tedious drive. It beats the silence, soothes the soul and helps you focus on the road while ensuring that your co-passengers stay entertained and energized throughout the trip. So, go ahead and upgrade your car with a stereo system to enjoy the best pleasures that driving has to offer.

Modern car stereos are nothing like the rudimentary music players that once used to be a part of automobile accessories. When it comes to providing drivers and passengers with a scintillating music experience, these players genuinely mean business. Powerful speaker systems ensure that every song or tune feels like a ballad in your car. High tech features like FM/AM Tuner, CD, DVD and MP3 player ensure that all kinds of music files are read and played by the stereo with ease. And modern compatibility options provide users with an all-in-one solution that lets them access music files from a wide variety of devices, including USB drives, iPhones, iPods, Android phones, Pandora and everything else. No matter what kind of music you might be into and no matter how you prefer to store those files, a high-end car stereo will make it accessible for you, right here in your car.

But that’s not all! Upgraded car stereo systems come packed with a bucket load of additional features as well. Highly interactive and intuitive navigation, built-in touch screen display for ease of access, Bluetooth-hands free connectivity for managing calls while driving, remote control options on the steering wheel, video display features, internet compatibility, maps and navigation – you name it, these stereos will have it.

With so much luxury and convenience on offer, why wouldn’t you choose to upgrade your driving experience with a modern car stereo?


Whether to record accidents or for candid roadside footage, dashboard cameras are a smart investment in every way. It is one automotive accessory that has become hugely popular in the last few years with car lovers all over the world. So many acts of unbelievable stupidity unfold on the roads these days. It does make a lot of sense that you have a means to keep record of anything that might happen around your car while it is out and about. That is where the dashboard camera comes into play. Wish to know how it can contribute towards improving your safety and security on the road? Let’s find out:

Driving accidents

These happen to be some genuinely harrowing experiences to get into with your car. In case everyone somehow survives the mishap, the blame game to determine who was at fault begins. Arguments like - “You cut me off!" "You shouldn't have braked so hard!" "I'm calling my lawyer!" – Just the legal issues that may arise out of an accident are enough to give you a headache! A Dashboard camera can help protect you in such a situation, recording evidence of the entire incident in its memory so you can use it to present an airtight case to the police and ensure that justice prevails.

Parking incidents

The next situation where your car is exposed to an enormous amount of risk is the parking garage. A vehicle pulling in next to it might scrape the sides of your automobile. Your car might fall victim to vandalism. So much can happen when you have left your beloved vehicle unattended in a parking lot. Dashboard cameras will record footage of everything that is going on around the car, so you can find out just who is responsible for the damage that it may have sustained due to a parking incident.

And of course, a dashboard camera will prove to be genuinely handy in case your road trip takes you to a beautiful location that deserves documenting. So why not shell out some money and buy one?

Thursday, 9 November 2017


An automobile tracking device pretty much happens to be a staple part of every car accessories kit. Everyone wants to keep track of their vehicle, whether it be to protect against theft or to keep an eye on how the car is being used. But most tracking devices tend to lag behind Tramigo – the top brand in this market niche that promises a hassle-free usage experience with features that are better than all of its other counterparts. The Tramigo tracking device is a helpful gadget for everyone who owns a car. Wish to know why? Let’s find out:
While almost every car tracker allows you to set alarms, detect motion, monitor speeds and otherwise keep track of your car, they also require you to be glued to your device screen and remain online all the time. That is where these devices become impractical and tough to use. Tramigo tracking device goes one step further and provides users with an offline car monitoring option as well, whereby it sends status updates about your car directly to your mobile device, even when you are not connected to the web. Tramigo allows you to make changes to your tracking system, customize notification settings to send only critical alerts or all updates and even change the system’s language to make the entire usage experience more hassle free and convenient for you. THAT is the Tramigo difference – it makes keeping an eye on your car as simple and easy as you would want it to be!
Along with this major edge over all the other car tracking devices in the market, Tramigo also offers full 24-month warranty on its product along with 24-hour customer support to help enhance your usage experience. It also has a backup battery that allows the Tramigo tracking device to function even when your vehicle power is cut. There is no need to rely on third party services or software for using Tramigo and it also has a fleet enterprise management system for transport service providers and small business owners who need an efficient means to keep track of their on-duty vehicles.
In all respects, the Tramigo tracking device will turn out to be the perfect safety accessory for your car. What do you think?