Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Car Security Films: Something securing you Through the Road

Aftermarket tints/films for your car window doesn’t make a right looking ride but also directly affects your safety and health on the road. There are several products available in the market to this end, but you’ll first need to understand the benefits associated with car security films.

Fade Reduction

For most of us, our car has been a long-awaited investment. Now that you have bought your vehicle, you’ll certainly want it to look new for as long as possible. Professional window tinting is one of the best ways to do so. The security window film will block out harsh sunlight that is the first reason for discolouration. Be it the vinyl, leather seats or any other upholstery; the window film will protect them from cracking. Further, car tinting also blocks windshield glares and saves your eyes from fatigue, both during the day and at night.

UV Block

Direct UV light is as harmful to your car as to your skin. Specialized car security films can, however, block up to 99% of UV radiation entering your car. In fact, some medical reports have correlated skin cancer to the left side of the body, which is also the driver’s side. Getting a UV/UBV car film is very important if you spend a lot of time driving in the daytime.

Solar Heat Rejection

Any car owner would know the battle of getting the perfect adjustment for the car air conditioning. This gets even more complicated when there are more passengers inside the vehicle. Well, window tinting can block between 35 and 65% of solar heat build up inside the car. This will not only help passengers get more comfortable but also save on fuel.

Protection from shattered glass

There could be several reasons why your car window glass may shatter. It could be from a kid hitting a ball to your car or you becoming involved in an accident. When you are out on the road, you never know what may hit you and when. Consequently, taking precautionary steps is the best advice. A proper quality car tinting can protect your glass from shattering. While the cracks would still come, you will be protected from the glass shreds that fly all around in such an event.

Privacy and security

Lastly, tinted car windows make it more difficult for criminals to breach your privacy. You and your belongings are more secure being guarded.
Car security films come with a great number of advantages. It’s one of the accessories that are highly recommended for any vehicle owner.

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Tramigo Tracking Device to Keep an Eye on loved ones

In this fast pacing life where everybody is behind building careers, it’s not easy to keep a track of things. Say you are in a transport business and you want to track the exact location of your fleet then how will you do it? Tramigo tracking device is what you need. It helps to track vehicles with a simple GPS system and lets you know whether everything is safe and on time or not. The best thing about Tramigo tracking device is that there is no need to login in the website to track your vehicle.

Benefits of Tramigo Tracking Device:

Ø  Forget about internet data as Tramigo can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time without using internet data. It is a simple mobile software that will give regular or important updates directly on your cell phone even when you are offline.
Ø  It is a multilingual tracking system that helps the user to choose the language he is comfortable with and he will get messages in that language only. This is done because most of the trackers are not fluent enough and it makes using the software difficult for them.
Ø  No dependency on the third party. This helps the users to directly track their vehicle with the help of GPS system and get updates via messages. The reason behind making it an independent software is that users should not feel uncomfortable or suffer losses if the third party is facing technical issues or ceases to exist.
Ø  It helps in fleet management as history is saved in this tramigo tracking device system that helps to manage the business in a better way. Unlike other systems, it is not just a software that sends bulk messages for updates.

Business can be managed easily with the Tramigo tracking device. It has been a boon for those who have a large number of fleets and need to track them to avoid any delay and plan next deliveries. So make sure that your business operates smoothly with this super easy tracking system.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Reasons to Mount Car Dashboard Camera

Car dashboard camera technology has improved immensely over the years, as demands for better ways to record road activity grow steadily. Dashcams nowadays are extremely important in-car accessories for documenting evidence of crimes and accidents for legal and insurance purposes. Modern dashcams benefit from more advanced technologies and integrated systems. In fact, many come with in-built GPS and other features that allow for better monitoring of vehicle activity. An in-car camera isn’t only useful for recording hours of video of road travels, but also for documenting suspicious activities around your car while in transit or even when it is parked. Apart from its obvious uses, such as documenting important footage for legal and insurance claims, there are many other reasons why you should consider investing in a good quality car dashboard camera for your own vehicle: 
  • No matter how careful you are on the road, you can never be sure about the types of drivers and motorists you will encounter as you take your vehicle out to the world. A dashcam safeguards against false claims from other drivers you may get into minor or major accidents with.
  • A car dashboard camera is also an invaluable tool for documenting great videos of your most memorable road trips and holiday vacations. They are great tools for recording footage of your once in a lifetime road trips while enjoying the views yourself.
  • Dashcams are also useful tools for monitoring vehicle users. Cab companies typically use dashboard cameras to monitor how their hire drivers treat their patrons, while also protecting employees from wrongful accusations or helping prosecute attackers. Dashcams with GPS tracking capabilities also help locate lost vehicles and monitor teenage drivers’ whereabouts, making them great tools for worried parents who want to keep their newly-driving child away from trouble. In-car cameras also help protect citizens from wrongdoings and abuse of power by law enforcement.

Kenwood Car Stereo Suited for Every Car’s Need

Your car must come with a decent in-built stereo system, but why settle for decent when you can rock out some good music in your car with a fine Kenwood car stereo setup? With the amount of time you spend in your car in between home and work, trips to the grocery store, and during long holiday drives, you want to make every ride as pleasurable experience as possible. Here are reasons why you may want to upgrade your OEM car stereo system to a branded, specially built for car setup: 
  • A premium sound system like Kenwood car stereo is a huge upgrade to your typical in-built car sound system. They offer tighter bass and improved overall clarity in the tunes and music you play. Car manufacturers don’t care as much for your aural satisfaction as they do the engine performance of your vehicle, which is why upgrading your car’s stereo system to something more advanced is a good investment if you want better sound experience during your travels.
  • A Kenwood car stereo system will give you more control over the sound quality of your in-car music. While manufacturer-provided car receivers and speakers may provide good bass, treble, and mid-range control, more advanced systems will provide you with a complete equalizer setup so you can have more points of control for adjusting the frequency response and fixing peak-related issues. This way, you can fine tune your music as per your liking, depending on the type of tunes being played.
  • Additionally, modern car stereo systems offer better connectivity with your mobile devices. This means higher quality voice calls direct from your car’s auxiliary system, which automatically adjusts to your set sound levels as you do handsfree calling. This also makes safer driving and clearer communication from your car.
  • Kenwood car stereo systems also come in product packages that feature accessories and electronics tailor fitted to your vehicle’s make and model.

Monday, 9 April 2018


Today's vehicle design varies drastically from that of the early seventies and much before. The Roof strength standards mean that B-pillars and in some cases the C-pillars too are broader hindering the sightline to the rear end. The multiple headrests at the second and third row also add on to this hindrance making it hard for the driver to see what's at the rear end of the vehicle. This obstacle is shattered only by using a backup camera.

A Backup camera, also known as the reversing or rear-view camera, is a special type of video camera that is attached to the rear end of your car for backing up without collision. These cameras are designed to be different from the rest, in a way that the images are flipped horizontally, and it looks like a mirror image, as the driver and the camera face opposite directions. Backup cameras are connected to the gear of your vehicle and a screen or monitor in the instrument panel. When the gear is shifted to enable reverse mode, the camera automatically switches on and the entire rear view is displayed as a video in the screen. Hence you should be aware of the importance of installing a backup camera for cars, who needs it most?

The NHTSA has estimated that in 2010 over 207 people were killed and a many more were injured when the drivers tried to reverse their cars with minimum or zero rear view. Most of the victims were young children, elderly and differently abled people who failed to act quickly during such situations. Thus, every driver irrespective of his/her driving experience should install a backup camera in the vehicle to avoid such accidents.


When the gentle chill in the air turns into biting cold you know that the winter has set in, and we all love winter for the soft snowdrifts, delicious winter food, warm cosy clothes and what not. But there is another side to it which we are not very pleased of; this includes adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, fog and the like that hinders our day to day life. These adverse weather conditions pose a great threat while driving as the thick blanket of fog or heavy rainfall decreases the visibility of the drivers. It is estimated that around 22 to 25 percent of road accidents per year occur due to bad weather conditions. Apart from being attentive, you should also have good fog lights installed in your vehicle to avoid such accidents. Thus, it is significant to be aware of the advantage of fog lights: A translation from invisibility to evident.

Though we all know the fact that fog lights are used to provide visibility while driving through those highways during foggy days, we are not very much aware of why we are using it. When there is a thick blanket of fog or rainfall surrounding you, the atmosphere is very much prone to be reflective. Using the regular headlights which are positioned at an angle in such weather conditions, will cause the light to reflect to the driver resulting in total white out. On the other hand, the fog lights are normally mounted lower down on the front of the car enabling a wider and shorter cast of light that does not reflect. However, fog lights would be a waste of investment when used along with the front headlight, because it simply turns down the whole purpose of using the fog light. It is recommended to switch from the front headlight to the side lights or marker lights when using the fog lights. This helps you to prevent the dazzling effect and gives a clearer visibility during your drive. Apart from this fog lights are used as an indication to alert other drivers that your vehicle is in front or approaching them from the opposite side during foggy days.

The fog lights are a lifesaving tool during bad weather conditions and it is mandatory to install it in your vehicles. However, it should be used only during fog or adverse weather conditions when the visibility is poor, if not, it may invite other accidents by glaring the vision of the person driving opposite to you.

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Find Out Some of the Lesser Known Facts about Parking Sensors

Parking can be difficult, and in some cases, it can be challenging even for seasoned drivers—especially if the area or space is problematic and can cause some blind spots. To prevent accidents, you will need to consider parking sensors that help increase safety while parking. Newer cars come with built-in parking aids, but if you have an older model without one, you can consider buying and getting it fitted into your vehicle. The sensors are mounted on bumpers to detect the distance between the vehicle and the obstacles. They beep, and the sound gradually intensifies the nearer you get to an obstacle. In some cases, the system has a computerised voice that will tell you your distance from an obstacle.

Parking sensors are great accessories to consider if you are upgrading your car's safety features. They can be fitted into just about any vehicle, including SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. Some parking sensors can warn you with a visual image or alarm, too, so you can quickly tell if there is any obstacle behind your vehicle before reversing.

Some parking sensors come with digital graphics to let you know which part of your car is near an object. This way, you can accurately and safely manoeuvre. Certain systems can come with reversing cameras that use a rear-facing camera mounted high and slightly pointed downward to show you obstacles that may not be visible from your side and rear-view mirrors. The images are displayed on the screen on a dashboard.

Parking sensors could help address age-related problems when driving, such as poor vision and difficulty in turning the head. With this technology, older drivers could be safer and avoid accidents while parking or reversing. In 2011, an insurance claims analysis found that rear parking sensors have reduced claims on collision insurance by five percent. Advanced systems that feature newer technologies, like the ‘parking patch’, could help drivers find an available parking spot to save them a lot of time and effort driving around a car park.