Thursday, 9 November 2017


An automobile tracking device pretty much happens to be a staple part of every car accessories kit. Everyone wants to keep track of their vehicle, whether it be to protect against theft or to keep an eye on how the car is being used. But most tracking devices tend to lag behind Tramigo – the top brand in this market niche that promises a hassle-free usage experience with features that are better than all of its other counterparts. The Tramigo tracking device is a helpful gadget for everyone who owns a car. Wish to know why? Let’s find out:
While almost every car tracker allows you to set alarms, detect motion, monitor speeds and otherwise keep track of your car, they also require you to be glued to your device screen and remain online all the time. That is where these devices become impractical and tough to use. Tramigo tracking device goes one step further and provides users with an offline car monitoring option as well, whereby it sends status updates about your car directly to your mobile device, even when you are not connected to the web. Tramigo allows you to make changes to your tracking system, customize notification settings to send only critical alerts or all updates and even change the system’s language to make the entire usage experience more hassle free and convenient for you. THAT is the Tramigo difference – it makes keeping an eye on your car as simple and easy as you would want it to be!
Along with this major edge over all the other car tracking devices in the market, Tramigo also offers full 24-month warranty on its product along with 24-hour customer support to help enhance your usage experience. It also has a backup battery that allows the Tramigo tracking device to function even when your vehicle power is cut. There is no need to rely on third party services or software for using Tramigo and it also has a fleet enterprise management system for transport service providers and small business owners who need an efficient means to keep track of their on-duty vehicles.
In all respects, the Tramigo tracking device will turn out to be the perfect safety accessory for your car. What do you think?


Cruising along the highway with your favorite song playing on your car stereo – sounds like a perfect plan doesn’t it? Almost every car owner (whether they like music or not) would love to have the best stereo system installed in their vehicle – even if they wouldn’t play it themselves, the stereo will be something they would love to proudly show off. And to keep up with this emerging demand for the best car stereos from buyers, automobile designers and music system manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and improved products all the time. So if you are in the process of buying a new music system for your automobile, you would definitely want to know what all is available out there and which stereo will best fit your needs. Here is a round-up of the top 3 car stereos of 2017 – install one of these in your car to enjoy the ultimate musical experience as you drive your dream machine to glory!
This is one of the best car stereo systems one can have. It performs different activities and has many good features like: built-in Bluetooth for hands free calling, dual USB ports, wireless audio system, HD radio and so much more. It also works seamlessly with Pandora and lets you find and play your favorite tracks simply by calling out the artist’s name, genre or song line! Pioneer has made it exceedingly easy for you to find more of the music you like. 
This amazing car stereo offers a variety of features to make your driving music experience even more exciting and enjoyable. Clear Display, Easy Operation (you can swipe through playlists without taking eyes off the road!), Multi Language interface and Dual phone connection – this latest Kenwood model supports Dolby Digital, MP3, WMA, AAC formats along with MPEG1 / MPEG2 / DivX for video decoding. The video as well as audio interface of this car stereo is quite remarkable really, making it worth every penny you will spend on it.
The perfect multimedia receiver to go with your car, the JVC AV70BT packs a massive punch with features that will make your driving music experience ultra-convenient! It offers all the usual good stuff that you can expect from a JVC car stereo along with a seven-inch TFT display, seamless connectivity iPad and iPods, Pandora, Bluetooth features, DVD playback and a high power internal amplifier. You will be hard put to find a stereo system as worthy of its price tag as this one!
So what do you say – time to make one of these high end car stereos your own? Visit to get the best prices on all these models and more!

Monday, 9 October 2017


Car thefts have become such a commonplace occurrence these days that most people have just learned to put up with it. Thieves use a new trick every time; there is no way of finding out how, when, and who stole your car…until now. There are security systems today that give a detailed account of what is happening to your car while you are away, so that you can get to it in time and save it. AutoPage car alarm is one such security system. Here is telling you why the AutoPage car alarm is the best in the car alarm industry.

Ordinary car alarms have the innate characteristic of annoying the heck out of everyone when they go off. You may or may not be in its earshot to come save your car – which leaves you with the question, “What good is it if I can’t even hear it?” With AutoPage car alarms, your questions stand answered. The system works in a unique way. When someone is in the process of sabotaging your car, the security system will set off an alarm; in addition, you will get a message on your device about what is happening. Maybe someone broke your glass, maybe someone pried open the door – whatever it is, the device screen will flash with a nature of urgency to get your attention. Some AutoPage car alarm models come equipped with features that disable ignition when a theft is ongoing. You can take your time coming back to your parking slot…the thieves will never get away with your car.

This is the reason why these alarms are not just “alarms”, but a complete security solution in themselves. There can’t be anything better than this in the market. AutoPage car alarms are the best in the car alarm industry.


The device called “horn” has undergone many stages of evolution before it became what we see today. It didn’t always look like a party popper with a pump and a whistle. The use of horn surprisingly extended to trains and water vessels, not staying limited to just land vehicles. In order to debunk all the myths about horns that you have heard as heresy, read this blog to know how it works. Once you know that, you won’t be fooled by the statement that car horns sound hoarse in the rains.

Horns are based on the electromagnetic principle. Pretty straightforward. The fun part is that this principle is combined with Hooke’s law, which finally results into sound. There is a metal diaphragm, usually made from spring steel, an electromagnet, and a switch. Hooke’s law says that extension of a spring is directly proportional to the load applied to it. In the case of a car horn, the spring is the steel diaphragm, and the load is current flowing through the electromagnetic coil which is activated or deactivated by the switch. Passing current through this diaphragm makes it oscillate, which creates sound waves. This assembly is housed in a megaphone-shaped assembly, which works to spread the noise created.

There is no shortage of jaywalkers and traffic-rule breakers on the planet. Horns are the device that make it possible for the drivers to save lives on the road. Horns make it possible to make way on the road when there is a lazy vehicle ahead. Horns give traffic some character. Know your horn.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Top Mistakes Done while Buying Car Window Tint

Finding the right car window tint can be tricky, especially because there are many confusing claims and misleading advertisements out there. Some window tinting services can be nothing but total rip-offs, while there are also those that are worth the price. To help you make a smart decision, here are the top mistakes that you should avoid when buying car window tint. 

1.Thinking you can apply the tint by yourself

Sure, it’s possible for you to be able to install the car window tint successfully on your own—but only if you have a heat gun, different sharp cutting knives, dust-free surroundings, steady hands, and a lot of patience. You will also need a lot of film that you can practice on. Unless you are willing to go through all that hassle, you’re better off just hiring professional car tinting services to get the job done.

2.Not getting enough UV protection

Window tint does not only reduce the heat that enters your car—it can also provide you and your car’s interior with protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Choose a film that has a high UV protection rating in order to keep your car’s interior from fading. 

3.Hiring an inexperienced installer

Even if you choose the best tint in the market, if the installer does not know how to do the job properly, you won’t be able to make the most out of the tint. Look for tinting technicians with many years of experience. 

4.Buying really cheap tint

It can be tempting to buy car window tint at a discount store. That will save you money initially, but really, you can’t expect that sort of window tint to last—and you’ll end up having to replace it in no time. Instead of going cheap, invest in high-quality car window tints that professionals use. 

Reviewing Pioneer Car Stereo – Features & Performance

Having car stereos is a fun way to make the most out of your short and long road trips. Car stereos help keep passengers entertained and allow the driver to keep his/her focus on the road while listening to mild music. 

Car stereos nowadays are so much more high-tech and developed compared to older-generation models. Car stereos of the yesteryears made use of cassettes and magnetic tapes. They sure served their purpose, but they were limited only to playing music. Meanwhile, modern stereos are built with the latest technology, and they now use DVDs, CDs, and flash drives to play media. They’re still used to play music, but some stereos that come with screens now let passengers watch videos as well. They are no doubt better in every aspect compared to their older versions. 

One of the brands that stand out when it comes to quality entertainment systems is Pioneer. Happy owners can vouch for the excellent audio and video performance that their Pioneer stereos offer. Pioneer car stereos are well-designed devices that are enriched with various useful features such as smartphone and USB connectivity and touch-screen navigation. These stereos provide more freedom and accessibility. With this type of car stereo, you can have fun with your friends or family while listening to your favorite music and locate tourist spots at the same time. 

If you want to keep your passengers entertained while you are driving, you can let them watch videos and movies through connected screens that can be placed at the back of the headrest of the car seats. Pioneer stereos can connect to different displays, entertaining every passenger in the car. They also have Bluetooth ability to allow you to play music from your phone’s playlist without having to hold your phone. 

Choose Pioneer if you want to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality stereo system. Make sure to buy from a reliable and trusted seller so you can get an authentic product.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Top 3 Tips on Selecting a Car GPS Navigation System

It can be extremely difficult to navigate using a traditional map, especially when you are in an unfamiliar territory with minimal road signs. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in a car GPS navigation system. GPS has certainly made traveling easier, safer and has improved your routes to avoid traffic. If you are thinking of buying a car GPS navigation system, here are three tips you should consider making sure that you can get the best product:

1.Look up the different types of GPS navigators from different brands – Start by exploring the selection of GPS systems from a reputable store, so you can get an idea on their prices and decide on what you can afford. This should help you decide on your budget, too, so you do not have to worry about over-spending on a system that has features you will not need in the long run.

2.Check your vehicle – Some cars come with infotainment systems with an integrated GPS navigation, and some don’t. If your car has on and you find it to be inefficient, consider a standalone car GPS device, which is more cost-effective (unless you want to upgrade your entire system altogether). If your car lacks a GPS navigator, consider an integrated GPS navigation with an entertainment system for an all-in-one solution. You may want to consider a standalone GPS device for portability, too, especially if you have multiple cars. That way, you can easily transfer the device from one vehicle to another.

3.Take note of the features of the car GPS navigation system – Make sure the system has a large, easy to view screen with a good resolution and that it delivers audible directions. Consider the type of receiver, too, and go for a system with automatic routing. Often, budget GPS navigators will have small, low-resolution screens. You may want to consider a large touchscreen for ease of use, too.